Photo Diary: 'Sunday Funday' In Margate

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There's absolutely nothing I love more than a Sunday adventure with my best pals. My Sunday's in Winter strictly consist of duvet-day Netflix marathons, but come Summer and my Sunday's are all about the best day of the week...Sunday Funday! Every Sunday I try and get out and explore a new place. Whether that be a new market in London, a new brunch spot, a new city, or in this case...a new seaside. And this Sunday was my best Sunday I've had in a long, long time. I'd been hearing a lot about 'up-and-coming' Margate recently, so we decided to head there last Sunday to suss it out.
Margate seriously impressed me and I can see why it's been getting a fair bit of attention recently. The combination of beautiful Georgian architecture, unique interior shops, antique furniture galleries and quirky Shoreditch-style brunch spots, complete with a Contemporary Art Gallery on the seafront to top it all off, it's fair to say Margate has a lot to offer.

It was such a beautiful day full of all my favourite things: sun, sea, yummy food, vintage shopping, cider, fish & chips and of course, my best pals.So keep reading to see what we got up to...


After a 2 hour car journey and a 40 minute detour attempting to find a service station to cure our starvation (which we never found may I add), it's fair to say we were absolutely ravenous by the time we arrived in Margate. Once the car was parked and we were all sorted, we took a stroll along the back streets in an attempt to find the perfect brunch spot.
We stumbled across 'The Cupcake Cafe' after eyeing up their scrambled eggs and it certainly did not disappoint. I only paid £6 for a latte and scrambled eggs & bacon on a bagel...what a bloody bargain! And it was absolutely delish.


After some essential refuelling, we wandered up and down the side streets to see what Margate had to offer in the way of shops and cute cafes. When you first arrive in Margate, I'll be honest, the first impression isn't exactly the greatest. The seafront just looks like any other tacky British seaside, complete with a Wimpy, run-down amusement arcades and of course a Wetherspoons. However, just take those little feet for a walk for 5 minutes up a few side streets and you're in the heart of Margate, with beautiful Georgian buildings, adorable independent gift shops and my absolute favourite...vintage furniture stores. Every building was so photographable and (my god I hate this expression)...'Instagrammable' and the whole place just had such a cute and quaint charm about it. 


There's absolutely nothing I love more than browsing vintage stores...especially when we're talking vintage furniture stores. A sucker for interiors, unique one-off furniture pieces are my weakness and shops like these leave me so sad, because I got a hell of a long way to go until I'll be kitting out my own place in antique furniture. (Sob) But it still doesn't stop me from browsing!
Margate pleasantly surprised me and had plenty to offer in the way of antique furniture stores. Definitely worth a browse.


After an hour or 2 of brunching and browsing, it was time to actually do what we came to Margate to do...and hit the beach! A rarity to find a sandy beach without having to travel 5 hours drive away from London, Margate beach is an absolute blessing compared to the agonising pebble beaches of Brighton and Southend; the usual seaside spots. It was so nice to be able to walk along the shore without crippling my feet and for the first time since I was a child, I actually swam in the sea! And I mean full on swam...we're talking biniki on, hair up and breast stroke galore (even if I did squeal like a little girl every time a piece of seaweed touched my leg...). 


And of course in true British fashion, we couldn't have one full day out without a rain shower. So after a few hours of cloud-bathing, it was time to flee the beach and to seek refuge in a bar until the weather brightened up again. And what better way to shelter from the rain than on a rooftop bar hmm? Despite the rain polluted cider, the bar was adorable. Positioned at the top of the hill, it was the perfect spot to people watch, with a fabulous view looking out onto the whole bay.


Is it even a trip to the seaside if it doesn't end in Fish & Chips though? Nope, I don't think so. We were recommend 'Peter's Fish Factory' by a friend and word obviously gets around, as the queue was out the door. We had to wait about 20 minutes, but my god it was well worth it. Hands down, the best Fish & Chips I have ever had and there's just something oh so satisfying about messily tucking into it on your lap sat by the sea and watching the sun set. Sunday's don't get much better than that do they?


On the walk up the hill to the car park, we stumbled upon the perfect viewing point. The sea was so blue and calm that I almost had to remind myself that I was in England and not Spain. It's so easy to automatically flock to other European countries for sun and beautiful views, when sometimes such beauty actually exists on our own doorstep. Britain has such natural beauty and it really reminded me that I need to appreciate it and get out and explore it a little bit more. The pictures honestly do not do the view justice and I honestly could have sat for hours and hours and watched the sun go down. There was not a soul around and it was just so peaceful.
But sadly, reality called and we had to set off to drive back to London to get ready for work the next day. Booooo.

Margate seriously impressed me and I will definitely be returning this Summer. The perfect destination for a perfect day out. Until next time Margate...



Turning 23

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There's just something about Birthdays that makes you suddenly reflect on your life and freak the hell out about where your life's heading, or more worryingly, where it's definitely not heading. It felt like I was only able to sing "I dunno about you, but I'm feeling 22" for a few months before it was soon robbed from me and I suddenly woke up 23 and freaking the hell out. You're suddenly not somebody's "little sister" or your Mum's "baby" of the siblings anymore. You're at that awkward in-between stage of your life where you're too young to be married or thinking about children, but too old for it to be socially acceptable for you to spend your weekends sticking to dance floors and downing jägerbombs in some scummy student bar with your tongue down some lads throat from Scunthorpe.

Everybody (especially your Nan) loves to remind you that "you're getting old now" and yet you still feel like your 19 year old self, but just a better-dressed version and with a few more pennies in the bank. 23 sounds old doesn't it? 2 years away from 25 and terrifyingly just 7 years away from the big 3-0. I remember at aged 13 saying to my friends that by the time I'm 24 I will be married, will own my first house and will have my first child. HA. Well, I'm now one year away from that age...I'm living at home in my childhood bedroom, I've got no savings in the bank because I've spent them all on flights, I've got no car on the drive, but a driving licence in my purse, I'm still nowhere nearer knowing what I want to do as a career,  my mum still does my laundry, I'm still single and there's strong possibility that I've swiped left to the potential love of my life. Fantastic.

There is absolutely no way of escaping it now, I am now a full-blown bloody adult whether I like it or not...

Although extremely content with my life and the people in it, I frustratingly still can't seem to shake off this feeling of dissatisfaction and feeling of failure and it stresses the hell out of me. Although there are no guidelines for what your life should be like aged 23, 23 to me sounds terrifyingly grown up. At that age I would expect somebody to be comfortable in where their career is heading, to be comfortable in a relatively serious relationship and certainly not to hysterically laugh/be on the verge of tears when people ask you when you're planning to get your own place. Honey please, I live in London.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it's so easy to compare yourself to other people all the time and as much as I absolutely love social media, I'm the first to admit that it absolutely does not help this feeling of dissatisfaction one little bit. Thanks to Facebook, I am constantly reminded that there are people who were on my University course who now own a house. Some are engaged, some are married and even scarier, some now have a baby. My Instagram feed is full of 23 year old's who are  a walking, talking emblem of 'Life Goals'. Still a gazillion miles away from achieving any 'life goals',  I seriously need to remember to remind myself that I wake up every morning in the best city in the world, with a roof over my head and with my health. And that alone makes me one of the very lucky ones in this World. 
So in a bid to make myself calm the absolute f down about how I woke up boyfriendless (and cuddling my teddy - may I add for extra tragedy), tucked up in my single bed still living at home on the morning of my Birthday, I think it's important that I congratulate my 23 year old ass for accomplishing so much already in my life and share...

23 things in my life that I have learnt in my twenty-three years on this planet...

  1. As cliche as it is, everything really does happen for a reason, even if that reason frustratingly isn't always initially clear. 
  2. Ibiza is always a good idea.
  3. Tequila on the other hand, is NEVER a good idea. I repeat, never.
  4. Despite how hard I try not to be, I will always be clumsy and will always be the one who spills my drink at a dinner table. (And all over my office desk, which seems to be my new habit)
  5. Despite what the smug ones may say, you will not meet the love of your life on Tinder, Bumble or Happn. And if you have, then he's probably not the love of your life. 
  6. You can never own too many pairs of shoes. And if anybody tells you otherwise, then you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. Get rid of them. 
  7. As much as I hate to admit it, my Mum is always right. And I mean always. 
  8. They sure weren't lying when they said hangovers get worse with age. 
  9. Life really is too short to spend it unhappy, so never prioritise somebody else's happiness over your own. 
  10. It's okay to prefer to drink your calories rather than eating them, now that that metabolism is slowing down. 
  11. It's better to be rich in experience, than rich in materialistic measures... 
  12. That means I am now totally okay with spending the majority of my wages every month on flights and weekends away. 
  13. No matter how many full wardrobes I have, I will never be satisfied and will still struggle to find something to wear everyday. And I've accepted that. 
  14. Wear whatever the hell you like, because as my Queen Vivienne Westwood said, "You have a more interesting life if you wear impressive clothes". I would much rather stand out and be remembered for what I'm wearing, than be forgettable. 
  15. Always push yourself outside of that comfort zone, as tempting as it is to stay there. Because as they say, "the comfort zone is a very nice place, but not a lot goes on there". 
  16. Work hard, but play harder. Because otherwise what are all those sweaty 7am commutes for, if you don't take the time out to have fun too. 
  17. No matter how many times I straighten my hair and everybody tells me it looks amazing, I will still always revert back to my curly hair.
  18. You can't take your money with you to your grave, so always buy the shoes!
  19. There really is nothing more valuable in life than to travel. 
  20. Don't be a 'Negative Nancy.'..always try to live life with the glass half full. 
  21. You can always change direction and start over. It is never too late, even if you may think it is. 
  22. As hard as I try to fancy English guys, I will always have a thing for European guys, especially you Spaniards and Italians. 
  23. And lastly, I will never ever ever enjoy the taste of coffee. 

So here's to another year older and another year non-the-wiser...

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